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The history and geography of Wessex, the dramatic events that have shaped its people and buildings, and the cultural influences that have flowed across it and left their mark in so many ways, provide the material for a wide range of museums.

The backbone is the County museums each devoted to the people and landscape of its area. And then come the specialist museums, including the military museums, of which only a search of our database will do justice to the variety of their subjects and their profusion across Wessex.

While not strictly museums, we have included County Records Offices in this section for easy reference for those interested in pursuing family histories and related subjects.


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  1. Open - Most of the listed museums are open all year except Christmas Day and New Years Day. Last admissions are sometimes one hour or 90 minutes before closing time.
  2. Entrance fees - All the fees quoted are for adults. Discounts are available for groups, children and sometimes for seniors and families. Please check the attraction website.for details.
  3. Groups - Groups should be booked in advance. At this time any special requirements can be discussed.
  4. Disabled access - All the listed museums have made a special effort to offer facilities for the disabled. Access is only limited at the Roman Baths where the lower floors area are not accessible and the Rockbourne Roman Villa where grassy areas can create difficulty.
  5. Parking - The listed museums have their own parking space where parking is free. The exceptions are the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen Centre both of which are in the centre of Bath; here nearby car parks should be used.
  6. Telephone Numbers - When calling from outside Britain, after the country code 44, omit the 0 in front of the telephone number.
  7. Destination Wessex - Please contact us at info@destinationwesex.org.uk if more information is needed.
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